Saturday, April 5, 2014

Excellence in School Librarianship

This is a really powerful video (less than 5 minutes) compiling feedback from administrators of different schools located around the nation on the impact of school librarians. It was posted on the AASL forum yesterday and was created by Judi Moreillon, who is known for her advocacy of school librarians. This would be a fantastic resource to share with principals and other supervisors! 

*Personal side note, feel free to take or leave it: the only two aspects I really wish they had tweaked were the consistent reference to librarians in the feminine (as we all know we have some rockstar guybrarians in our midst!) and the emphasis on school librarians as the Most Important Person. We are each free to have our thoughts on this, but personally I don't think that touting ourselves as the most important members of our faculty is beneficial or accurate. We are equal partners with our teachers and administrators and students and support staff...we just have unique training that helps us fill some special roles!

Friday, January 24, 2014

12 Days and Counting

12 Days and Counting…..
No, It’s not the 12 days of Christmas.  That was last month.  We’re 12 days away from Digital Learning Day, a day when all sorts of digital activities are planned throughout the world to demonstrate how effective incorporating digital resources can be in our learning.  There’s a plethora of information on the internet that will lead you to resources if you just google Digital Learning Day.  A one stop shop, though, is from Edmodo:
This site links to digital lessons with video introductions as well as lesson plans, toolkits, workshops to offer and attend, artwork and graphics to use in advertising DLD, publicizing ideas, and how to share your events as well as how you can attend events. 

So, the challenge is made for you to celebrate Digital Learning Day on February 5th in your school.  You have 12 days.  Check out the website above and find at least one thing that you can do to participate whether it actually involves the library alone or is a collaborative activity with your colleagues in your school.  Take the challenge, and share with us all how your participation affected learning at your location!  We’d all love to hear!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians

Check out this blogging challenge for librarians! If you haven't started a blog for your library, this is a great way to get it kicked off nicely! 2014 is the year to come aboard the blogging train.

20-day Blogging Challenge for School Librarians

Blogger, Wordpress, and Edublog are all GREAT platforms for starting a blog. Comment here OR post to our Edmodo group or discussion forum if you want to try this and need help getting started!