Thursday, December 13, 2012

Book Fair Idea

I have a wonderful book fair idea I wanted to share with you. Some of you may have a hard time getting adult visitors to your book fair, so I wanted to let you know what I have done that’s been very successful at our school.
Every year, our school hosts a “Grandparents Day.” Every student makes something for the grandparents to look at or to take home, and their work is displayed for the grandparents to view and dote over. We usually have some simple snacks with a banner welcoming them to our school. Students get to take their grandparents on a school tour to see their classroom, the lunchroom, gym, music room, art room, computer lab, and of course  the library! I almost always try to schedule my book fair week during the time we will be hosting “Grandparents Day.” I would just like to share that my sales for that day alone are sometimes in excess of $3,000. Grandparents love shopping and buying BOOKS for their grandchildren. I had one grandfather spend over $60 for one grandchild. His reply, “I don’t mind spending my money on something worthwhile, like books, for my grandson.”
Just a couple of tips: Make sure you can take credit cards/debit cards, and make sure you have plenty of adult helpers. You will need them! Good luck, and happy sales!

Pam McMickens

Oak Grove Elementary



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  1. This year, Providence School in Huntsville, presented our Family Reading Night during our book fair. The fair was open before, after, and during the event. Many parents who work were able to attend with their children.

    Family Reading Night allows the students to come in their pajamas and have three books read aloud to them by school staff members. Tickets are handed out for each story session. We give each reader 15 minutes for their story time. An announcement is made to indicate the time to move from room to room. We've always had a nice turn out for this event, but the book fair was icing on our cake!