Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alabama Virtual Library

Alabama's education budgets have suffered considerably in recent years, but thankfully we still have access to the Alabama Virtual Library. This incredibly powerful tool provides equitable access for all Alabamians to quality resources and information. 

Remember the days when you were assigned those little blue AVL cards with the crazy user names and passwords? Thank goodness, those days are behind us! Now we have the benefit of geo-caching, which authenticates that a computer is in the state of Alabama and therefore grants access to the databases without requiring signing in. 

Now, if you still have some of those blue AVL cards, don't throw them away!!! Repurpose them as bookmarks or bulletin board decorations. 

If you need AVL bookmarks or mouse pads, simply ask and you shall receive! Contact the AVL helpdesk from the AVL's home page, and let them know how many you need. 

*We should all keep in mind that the Alabama Virtual Library's resources have already been cut many times. Usage statistics (broken down by district and sometimes even by school) are major players when the committee has to have the hard discussions over what to cut, so remember that the most important way we can preserve the AVL is to USE it! :)

There are database-specific posts with usage tips on the way. 

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