Monday, October 17, 2011

Screen Recording Tools

Pinterest is one of the newest places to find creative ideas for lessons, teaching strategies, and classroom organization. I have a post in the works about Pinterest, coming to a browser near you very soon! 

Pinterest is also a place to find a bit of humor here and there. I  present to you, Exhibit A:

Like many of you, I have had this very conversation not only with my mother, but also with some of the tech-aphobic teachers with whom I've worked over the years. Advocating for technology integration is every bit as much about coaching and mentoring as it is providing exposure to new tools and resources. My standard phrase with teachers who are terrified of their computers is: You know way more than you think you do.

For those who really need that extra push to becoming confident using technology with their students, you may want to consider using a screen recording tool to provide them with short tech-support snippets or tutorials. Once you select a screen recording tool, you download the program to your computer and follow the simple instructions for capturing either images on your screen or recording a video of you manipulating and navigating content on your computer screen. You can even activate audio so that you can verbally coach users through the process. These pre-recorded "screencasts" can serve as a living anchor chart to which teachers can refer back later for assistance with computer-based activities.

Screen recording tools are incredibly powerful for visual learners. After all, telling someone how to do something is one thing, but showing them how is another!

Here is a very short example of a VERY basic screencast I've taken using Jing.

Screen recorders aren't just for tech support, either! You can also use them to record ways to access a database, or steps to take to retrieve citation information for a source. Because the screencasts generate a URL, you can post them anywhere from your OPAC to your wiki.

Teachers can utilize screencasting for students who are absent, or for unique tutorials to support English Learners. What other ways can you use/have you used screen recorders in the library?

Here are a few screen recorder tools...happy screencasting!

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Just one more funny from Pinterest...

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  1. Awesome! Extremely helpful! Thanks a lot! I always use acethinker free screen recorder to make screencast, works like a charm. It's a web-based application, you don't have to download or install anything. Share it here as an alternative.