Friday, February 3, 2012

Are You Game?

The week that Alabama is celebrating Digital Learning is the same week that I am offering old-fashioned board games during our Basic Skills classes in the library. How ironic is that?! The three gaming days are meant to reward students for doing well in Basic Skills (reading and math remediation) and to offer them a different type of learning.

It thrills my heart to see students learn to play checkers, chess, and Scrabble. They have learned how to spell a few words and they have learned about strategy. One student asked, "Is this (foney) how to spell phony?" and many times throughout the twice daily gaming sessions they have asked, "Is this a word?" So, yes, it has been worthwhile and lots of fun!

Students Enjoying Scrabble

Signage for the Event
How it was planned:
  • Permission from the principal - explaining the purpose and audience
  • A survey was sent to teachers with three questions (inquiring whether they would support the endeavor)
  • E-news was sent home to parents asking for small prize donations (Airheads and mechanical pencils)
  • Gather the games: Teachers donated games from the Dollar Store
  • Teachers brought in games to borrow - one teacher had nine Scrabble games
  • Tablecloths (leftover from Scholastic Bookfairs) were set out for the games
  • Student Aides made signage
  • A schedule was sent to teachers & sign up sheets were placed on the library counter
Many articles are available on Google Scholar regarding gaming supporting learning.

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