Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fillable Forms

*This post is by Valissa Burnham, the school librarian at Hueytown Middle School.

Creating Fillable Forms on Microsoft Word   (*Keep in mind that this will not work with Word 2003 and earlier versions.)

Click on the Office Button

Click “Word Options” at the bottom

Click “Popular” on the left side

Put a check next to “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon”

As you create your document (or add to a document already created) click on the Developer tab at the top of the screen to add the areas that you want people to be able to change.  The buttons are found in the “Controls” group.  Hover over each button to see what it will do.  For example:  The “Aa” button will add a space for Rich Text. 

Once you finish creating the document, click on “Protect Document."  Then click “Restrict Formatting and Editing."  Put a check next to “Allow only this type of editing in the document:” Click the drop down box and click “Filling in Forms.”  Click “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.”  It will ask you to create a password.  Do not forget the password you create, or you will not be able to edit the document.  

Once you have done this, people will only be able to edit the areas you have designated with the buttons in the Developer Tools.  If you need to edit the document again, click “Protect Document” then “Stop Protection." You will have to enter the password you just created.

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