Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creating a Works Cited Page

*Today's post is by Laurie Dunlap, school librarian at Mortimer Jordan High School.

Using Easybib to Create a Works Cited Page
One of the most challenging aspects of putting together a research project is correctly documenting the sources of information.  This is especially challenging when using databases and websites.  I  used with my 9th graders to help them create a works cited page for their I-Search A Word Project.  Wow – this was a tremendously helpful tool.  The format used was MLA7 which is the latest version.  All the students have to do is go to the website and enter the information about each source based on the type of source they used (i.e. book with author, book with editor, websites, and databases). 
Here are the steps we used for an AVL database:
Click on the tab for the correct type of source.
Click on Manual entry and then enter in the fields the information available on that particular source.
Steps for Manual enter for a database:
Click on the tab for database

Click on manual entry. Fill in the information available for the source. Here is a magazine article from an AVL database.

Once you have filled in all of the information click on create citation and a citation will be generated.

Once you have completed entering all sources click on Print as a Word Doc.
It will then create the Works Cited page for them.  The only issue I have is that sometimes a teacher will require additional information.  If so, they can edit it once it has been exported to Word.
I really think this is a great tool!

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