Wednesday, November 23, 2011


*Today's post was written by Meg Brooke, one of the librarians at Shades Valley High School/JCIB. 
Going to conferences and getting free posters is always a treat.  Or, opening that mail that has a fold out poster…..Woo hoo! New color, instruction, and promotions for the library walls! With our wonderful poster maker at the IMC, we’ve all been able to enlarge homemade computer pages to poster size as well.  We love displaying seasonal and promotional posters, but storage became a real problem in our library as they piled up and slid around after being laminated. They were a heavy pile, too! 
Our problem was solved when we found the WallFile Snap Tab organizer online. It takes up a small space on the wall of our storage room, and we’ve found that it’s very easy to organize and actually see what posters we have so that they can be pulled out and used for various seasons and promotions. No, we’re not on the payroll or getting a kickback for sharing about this company with you! :) You might have someone at home who could make a similar product and you’d only need to purchase the tabs, or some of you might know a handyman or even have someone in your PTO who’d try this. We found that the organizer was affordable, and it works well. In order to save even more money, we used post-its to organize the topics, months, seasons!  If this is something that would make your life less hectic, check out more information at The picture below just gives you an idea of what it looks like, but seeing it on the website gives a larger, clearer picture.
PS----They do have larger products for maps, too! :)

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  1. Hi! I am a teacher and have been looking for this product! It seems to be out of stock everywhere! Do you know of any place I can purchase one? It looks like it would be amazing to have!