Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Resource for English Learners

Mary Downey, one of our ESL coaches for the district, shared this resource with me recently. I was uber-excited because this resource is exactly what I've been searching for in the library realm. Colorado has created this website in support of English Learners and their families. Included on the website is everything from the latest research on supporting English Learners to free resources specifically for school librarians. The website is available in English or Spanish, and would be a good resource to share with teachers, students, and their families. Here are a few of the tools the site provides:

The part I loved the most was this section on the vision of the position of the school library in supporting English Learners: 

*There are translated documents available on this site, but we must always remember to go through OUR district's process for obtaining translations for our students. For more info, see your Handbook (pictured below) or check out the wealth of information posted on our ESL department's page

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