Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alabama Virtual Library: Kids Search

Kids Search is another AVL resource devoted to the needs of elementary aged children. I have not used this one much with my own students, but have looked around enough to see that it is very visual, which is always a draw for young researchers. 

Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Current Events, and advanced searching for images and videos are all easily accessed by the children. 

Each day has a Spotlight Topic, which can provide some easily accessed fodder for daily journal writing, or may simply spark a flame of curiosity in young learners.

There is also a section for most popular searches, which is another way for students to link quickly to articles within the database. 

The Teacher Resources button links to a search page where educators can search for information within reputable education databases.  

One of my favorite aspects is the quick filtering the resource allots after the initial search has been performed. Filtering is an advanced searching mechanism, but KidsSearch makes it easy with these simple choices: 

KidsSearch may not be the tool I have used most often in the past, but it most assuredly has some strengths when working with little researchers! 

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